D2C ReCommerce – About Us

We combine startup mentality with a spirit of adventure in the growing business world. We act sustainably – both ecologically and socially – out of conviction. This is particularly important to us.

We get things moving. We have set ourselves the task of giving the returns industry a new look. With our sophisticated algorithms and long-term expertise, we can handle (almost) any used product. We are getting closer to our vision “We are where used things are”. We are your partner when it comes to returns and overstocks.

Numbers and Facts


Recycle or throw away? Not with us.

We get things moving. We have set ourselves the task of giving the returns industry a new look. With our sophisticated algorithms and long-term expertise, we can handle (almost) any used product. We are getting closer to our vision step by step:
»We are where used things are.«



At D2C ReCommerce, we increasingly see ourselves as a data-driven, learning organization. We work with innovative digital structures and processes, and we are particularly attuned to new digitization and automation processes in the returns industry. We are constantly looking for new ways to optimize the process and use data-driven approach to make our operations more efficient.


Data is now the central resource of the economy and drives the logistics processes at D2C ReCommerce decisively forward.

We implement competencies, technologies, and infrastructure as effectively and profitably as possible. We pay particular attention to the processes of information logistics as well as to efficient data supply chains and their integration into our own software. We strive to make our data logistics processes as efficient as possible and use cutting edge technology to achieve this. By implementing data-driven approach, we aim to optimize our operations and increase efficiency in the long term.


Deep Learning

In addition, we are also taking initial steps towards deep learning, which are digital learning methods that rely on the neural structures of the human brain. If you have a particular interest in algorithms, big data and artificial intelligence, this is your area of expertise. It’s time for us to get to know each other. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and offer a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.


Meet the team

Behind every great vision is a team of experts who want to make a real difference. Here you can learn more about the people at D2C who are paving the way for more sustainability in returns logistics.



Keeps the business steering wheel pointed in the right direction. Maintains business contacts on the side. Originally from management consulting. Admired for his hands-on mentality and sales talent. Comes from the far north.

Head of it


With his extensive expertise, he steers our technological journey confidently onto the path of success. He plays a crucial role in the implementation of new IT projects and also contributes creative ideas from a business perspective. Originally hailing from the picturesque city of Dresden.

Head of Process Automation


Takes care of automating our processes. Likes to use machine learning and neural networks. Loves big data as much as his guitar. Has been part of the team for 5 years. Originally from Argentina.



For over ten years, our jack of all trades has been responsible for IT administration, finance, and project management. Knows the company better than the back of his hand (codename: Gadget Nut). Rewards office dog and happiness manager Gizmo with daily affection.



Has had a good sense and open ear for all concerns from inside and outside for over eleven years. Leads customer service, while keeping the smooth process running in Schöneweide. Nickname: the office’s kind soul.



Handles all logistics processes with full commitment. Also takes care of personnel scheduling and process optimization on the side. Brings fresh air to our company through her years of experience in eCommerce. Always calm and balanced.

Sustainability is a given for you? Then reach out to us. 

Our Values

It is our values that we live every day that make D2C a special company. They are what is closest to our hearts. They provide a common goal and determine our actions. Learn about what we stand for.



As the world never stands still, neither do we. We observe, learn, anticipate and most importantly, we change. We set things in motion as we listen closely to our customers – adaptability is a cornerstone of our company. We are agile and can move quickly in a new environment without losing sight of our long-term strategy and vision.



We all follow an unwavering mission: to make eCommerce sustainable by reducing unnecessary product waste. We are committed to accelerating the path to ZERO WASTE. Sustainability is a core element of our company. Therefore, we strive to fulfill this responsibility in all respects.



The D2C ReCommerce team is made up of many wonderful people who are all striving to get things moving. Our team consists of creative minds who rely on trust. We are driven by results, and we place a high importance on speed and quality. Together, we work towards a common goal and we make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.



We challenge the status quo and strive to continuously improve things. Our passion for a more sustainable world gives us the courage to try things outside our comfort zone. To achieve innovation, we build a culture of curiosity. We believe that by constantly questioning and challenging the way things are done, we can come up with new and better solutions.