Your Benefits

Our entire company revolves around returns and overstocks. We find new solutions and approaches every day to optimize processing and expand sales channels. Together with you, we set an example against waste of resources and help your company on the way to more sustainability.

Work with us sustainably and revolutionize the returns industry!

Why D2C ReCommerce?


Logistik Know-How

We have 59 loading ramps with automated loading processes for goods in and out. In addition, we have a fully automated high-bay warehouse with 49,000 pallet spaces and up to 756 inbound and outbound operations per hour. We combine this with 4.5 km conveyor technology and 36 elevator systems.


Product Know-How

We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with returns and overstocks. This includes items from various categories (books, movies, video games, consumer electronics, jewelry, toys, food, musical instruments, and many more). In addition to quality inspection, we have experience in data deletion, repair, and refurbishment.


International Sales Network

We sell products in addition to the usual B2C marketplaces like Amazon and eBay through our dense network of international B2B retailers. For each product, we find the sales channel that promises the highest profit.


Many Satisfied Customers

We can show excellent reviews on the usual marketplaces (e.g. 100% rating on Amazon; eBay 99.4%). Customers such as Weltbild, Avus,, Poetschke, Momox, and reBuy appreciate us as partners with great expertise and streamlined processes.


Data-Driven Company

Our own software covers the entire value chain and enables us to process items much faster and of higher quality. We rely on new methods such as neural networks, collaborations with research institutes and other industry experts.


Flexible Organisation

We are an international team consisting of specialists. We use short and fast decision-making processes to adapt to your needs. Continuous training in all areas is a must for us.

With us, you can turn your excess inventory into cash.

Overstocks can be reduced, but can rarely be completely avoided, because the world is too complex for your forecast to match reality 100%. Consult us as experts in the utilization of your overstocks.


Consulting: Specialists help you get to the bottom of the causes

Your product is not selling well enough? This does not necessarily have to do with the item itself. The problem could for example be that the ideal marketing mix has not been used yet, the price is not competitive or the parameters in the purchasing planning were not set cleverly enough. We would be happy to analyze your inventory and give you recommendations based on it.


Liquidation: Specialists can pay competitive prices

When it comes to liquidating overstocks, it’s about selling large quantities of overstock directly to specialized companies. In many cases, this is the best and simplest solution. We have long-term experience in marketing overstocks – from processing to sale in diverse sales channels. Focus on your core business and leave us to handle the distribution of surplus goods.