Achieving success with returns and overstocks: D2C ReCommerce

Investment in the growth sector of circular economy: D2C ReCommerce from the Weltbild D2C Group gives returns a second life and grows double-digit. The success is based on a wide network of buyers, smart technology, and high standards in processing.

At the latest during the “Black Friday” and the “Cyber Week”, the hot phase of the pre-Christmas period begins. While forward-looking online retailers already prepare for it after the summer, only a few have a strategy for dealing with the expected flood of returns after the holiday. The solution to the problem has a name: ReCommerce, specialized companies that buy up surpluses and returns and develop their own business model.

That’s exactly what D2C ReCommerce does. The company is part of the Weltbild D2C Group since this year and was now renamed D2C ReCommerce ( to emphasize the affiliation with the group. So far, the company, which operates a fully automated warehouse with 49,000 pallet spaces in Falkensee (Brandenburg), has saved over 6 million products from being scrapped.

Sustainability in focus

Christian Sailer, CEO of Weltbild D2C Group and also Managing Director of D2C ReCommerce: “The ReCommerce sector is an important growth market for us. Circular economy and sustainability are important reasons for our commitment, as a more resource-efficient use of resources will increasingly shape our lives.”

Philip Unrein, Managing Director of D2C ReCommerce: “Our goal is to reduce waste. It is still common practice that returned items and overstocks are not reused but disposed of. Why? Many companies do not know that there is a good alternative. We help companies to give their returns a second life. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable circular economy and reduction of CO2 emissions with every single item”.

Future Market: D2C ReCommerce with 15 Percent Growth

Establishing more sustainability in e-commerce is central to the goals of D2C ReCommerce. Philip Unrein emphasizes: “The fact that we have a very successful solution and a business model with potential is evidenced by our growth rate of 15 percent compared to the previous year.”

The business model: D2C ReCommerce stands for the reselling of used, new or even defective products and devices. These are inspected before being resold and, if necessary, repaired or prepared. In this way, they return to the consumption and reuse cycle.

New: Intelligent, digitally supported returns processing and marketing

For over 15 years, the now 100 employees of D2C ReCommerce, based in Berlin Oberschöneweide, have specialized in this area. They have the expertise, resources, software solutions, and processes to effectively tackle returns problems.

What used to be primarily a “manual” business has been further developed by D2C ReCommerce. Philip Unrein: “Our competitive advantage is that we rely on digitalization and AI. This makes us fast, helps us to process large quantities of returns and excess inventory, and reduces the error rate.” D2C ReCommerce not only makes the sale of returns and overstocks easier, but also more profitable and faster.

Advantages for online retailers

This is beneficial for both parties: the retailers who want to clear their returns inventory, and D2C ReCommerce, which takes on this task. The market is large: an estimated 500 million shipments with more than 1 billion items are returned in online retail each year, according to a study by the University of Bamberg. With traditional sales to large buyers, such goods often fetch less than 10 percent of their original value. Unrein: “Working with us can help avoid losses from returns that can significantly impact a company’s balance sheet.”

A more sustainable approach to returns and their reintegration into the consumer cycle also offers a good approach for online retailers to position themselves positively. Unrein: “Effectively utilizing returns and extending the product lifecycle can help a company stand out from the competition.”

Customers are driving the ReCommerce boom

But ReCommerce is not only more profitable for retailers. Customers also appreciate this reselling method. They benefit not only from low prices but also more and more customers are actively looking for products that counteract the “throwaway society” according to recent studies.

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